Paysera Ultimate Edition

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July 5th, 2019Since 13th July 2019, we're accepting the manual deposit only and ask the price of software to support team at Congratulations! We're excited to bring our brand new most powerful Paysera software with Primary Bitcoin software to...

July 5th, 2019

Since 13th July 2019, we're accepting the manual deposit only and ask the price of software to support team at

 Congratulations! We're excited to bring our brand new most powerful Paysera software with Primary Bitcoin software to you. Lots of built-in features are inter-connected, fastest, smooth and beautifully working ever invented. after mid of 2019,   We're ready to show the power of our software. This is the most valued and invented only for business purpose. You can use it for  business purpose. You can add up to 100K USD or 500 BTC  per use in a day using THIS software. Our team will guide you when you need to add more and when need to add less. You are must be following our rules to use our software for legal business purpose.

Built-in Features of software :

  • Built-in Scanning
  • Built-in Paysera and bitcoin server connection
  • Built-in Inter-banks signal network
  • Built-in AntiSpy
  • Built-in custom Anti-virus
  • Built-in ESET
  • Built-in VPN
  • Built-in Server connection
  • Built-in Network
  • Built-in slow internet working process
  • Built-in injector fixer
  • lots of features which actually endless.

No matter where are you from, its now unrestricted for all good countries. It's working for everywhere if you use our license after become our partner or client. And you can do also a custom order for your desire software once you become eligible to buy our products and partnership.

If you need software or partnership, you will have to be an entrepreneur or any business person to be eligible then pay for your software or partnership and get start to manage your million dollar to build your business empire. Example : Entrepreneur, investor, Business person, Advertiser, Real Estate, Bitcoin Trader etc.

Refund Policy 1 : For this package we offering 10 million dollar money back with 30 days using this software.

Eligibility Condition for this package :  Only for eligible entrepreneurs who are looking for investment to build a business empire.

  • Must be over 18 years old
  • Must have 10k+ USD net worth
  • Must be a legal citizen of any country (No criminal record)
  • Must have solid intention to use software for business purpose
  • Must be an entrepreneur, trader or any business person or solid intention for investment
  • You can still buy it to be a businessman if you still not a businessman at this moment.
  • Have some investment Idea

  • A Company also can buy this software but need proper documentation and solid intention. If intention is wrong, we keep rights to reject the offer immediately.

    • Free International Swiss Bank Account with VIP purpose
    • Daily use 5 times but for emergency it's unlimited time
    • Entrepreneurship advise and training
    • Personal Lawyer for 20 years free for software
    • Personal MCS VIP Account to reserve maximum 100 Million USD
    • Daily up to 100K dollar withdrawal limit
    • Monthly 5 Million dollar withdrawal limit
    • International ID card will be given for software
    • Japanese foreign ministry permission will be given
    • International Law approval document
    • Extremely fast software
    • Work on OS and windows both
    • 20+ Banks encrypted into software
    • Easy Swiss Tax paying through software
    • Built-in Authentication process to add money
    • Very dynamic and smooth
    • Always super performance
    • Direct inter connection with banks
    • Instant memo giver which built-in with software
    • 1-Click Bank History delete option
    • Monthly statement will be given to email
    • Full legally approved and licensed from Canada & Japan
    • Unlimited Support 24/7

    You will get :

    • Authorization
    • Identify Card for using software legally
    • Foreign Ministry Approval for Border Cross
    • Software Agreement
    • All Paperwork
    • License
    • Software pack

    N.T : MCS Doesn't care how much is your budget, MCS care only how serious entrepreneur you are to be eligible for buying our products because our service only for business purpose, not for unemployed ignorant person. So we always focus on entrepreneurs. Everyday we're rejecting hundreds of clients and partners because most of are not any solid person.

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